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​Master’s and Ph.D. Graduate Student Emergency Funding Support

The University of Michigan and College of Engineering recognize that some Engineering students find themselves facing emergency expenses in order to be able to continue with their studies. Funding support is financed by gifts from UM  alumni and friends, industry, and University annual budget funds. Support is available to meet immediate needs on a limited basis and  is intended to help meet the financial needs of any Michigan Engineering graduate student who encounters an emergency situation or one-time, unusual, or unforeseen expenses during their degree program. Committee decisions follow the guidelines of the Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Funds and CoE Doctoral Program Funding and Tuition Support Guidelines.

  1. Master’s or Ph.D students seeking emergency funding support (e.g. medical, dental, mental health, major accidents and events such as fire or natural disasters, expenses related to the death of an immediate family member, etc.) should start here for support consideration (this form is submitted by the individual student).
  1. For Ph.D. students seeking full funding model support consideration,  the general expectation is that the faculty advisor will provide this funding. If the advisor cannot fully fund a student, the department/program should provide GSI or fellowship funding. However, if the advisor and department/program are unable to provide full funding support due to extraordinary circumstances (which may also include students who are near graduation but have experienced critical graduation delays beyond the normal guaranteed funding period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions related to racial injustice, or abrupt changes to federal policies over the past year), they can initiate a cost share support request to CoE for consideration (note: CoE coordinates the review process between the College and Rackham Graduate School).   


Ph.D. Student Internship Support

Ph.D. students seeking internship support (tuition and/or benefits) should apply directly to the Rackham Doctoral Intern Fellowship Program respective form for consideration by their deadline. Students ineligible to receive support from the Rackham Doctoral Intern Fellowship Program should consult with their department/program for further guidance regarding the CoE Doctoral Program Funding and Tuition Support Guidelines and CoE Internship Request Form.

Important Note: The deadline for the CoE Internship Request Form is three weeks prior to the start of the term unless a student applied to the Rackham program first and was declined or ineligble to apply (but would qualify in time for CoE support). Please note that missing the Rackham program application deadline without a legitimate reason is not sufficient to qualify for CoE support. 


Additional Graduate Student Funding Resources

The College of Engineering has identified a variety of funding opportunities for our new and current master’s and doctoral students. For more information, please visit the graduate students menu tab.