Graduate Departments/Programs

​Master’s and Ph.D. Graduate Student Emergency Funding Support

The College of Engineering recognizes that some Engineering students find themselves facing emergency expenses in order to be able to continue with their studies. In addition, we know that there may be additional challenges this year regarding financial circumstances due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Funding support is financed by gifts from Michigan Engineering alumni and friends, industry, and University annual budget funds. Some of these awards come from privately endowed funds which permit us to provide grants to Engineering students who are experiencing emergency financial situations. Support is available to meet immediate needs on a limited basis.     The College of Engineering Graduate Student Emergency Fund is intended to help meet the financial needs of any Michigan Engineering graduate student who encounters an emergency situation or one-time, unusual, or unforeseen expenses during their degree program. Committee decisions follow the guidelines of the Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Funds and CoE Ph.D. full funding model.

Submit department/program initiated emergency funding requests to the Office of Student Affairs by the graduate chair or her/his designee, Rackham Graduate Student Resolution Officer or Michigan Engineering C.A.R.E. Center.  

Ph.D. Student Internship Support

In accordance with the CoE Ph.D. full funding model, as long as standards are achieved and milestones are met, doctoral students who enter with a master’s degree receive four years of guaranteed support, and doctoral students who enter with a bachelor’s degree receive five years of guaranteed support.   Departments/Programs may request one term of College of Engineering/Rackham Fall or Winter tuition support with GradCare for doctoral students on internship within the four or five year commitment model and:

  • Ph.D. Candidate (full tuition) or Pre-candidate (one credit of pre-candidate tuition if needed to keep the student enrolled)
  • Making satisfactory academic progress as judged by program faculty
  • Not otherwise supported with a GSRA or GSI position or with a fellowship that includes tuition coverage.
  • Not in their final semester of their doctoral program.  

Please note, due to the new engaged learning guidelines, if this internship will remain in-person or be a combination of remote and in-person, it must be registered before the internship starts and before the CoE/Rackham can post funding support. To register the internship, the Student Request for Engaged Learning & Domestic Travel form must be submitted and a screenshot of the completion uploaded into the College of Engineering Internship Request Form. This process is now being applied to all internship/co-curricular opportunities that receive funding support from the College of Engineering.   

Submit department/program initiated internship funding requests to the Office of Student Affairs by the graduate chair or her/his designee.   Additional Graduate Student Funding Resources The College of Engineering has identified a variety of funding opportunities for our new and current master’s and doctoral students. For more information, please visit the graduate students menu tab.