Master’s Students

Internal to the University (e.g., department/program, College of Engineering, Rackham Graduate School and University of Michigan campus) as well as external (e.g., national labs, corporations, organizations, etc.)

Please note: Students are encouraged to consult Innovation Partnerships prior to beginning a fellowship opportunity if they will be developing any innovations created through their paid research work at UM.

College of Engineering Funding for Master’s Students

Check with your department or program to learn more about any fellowships, GSI positions or GSRA positions open to master’s students. The College of Engineering has a limited number of fellowships for the Bridge to Doctorate Program which provides two terms of funding for the first academic year (i.e. tuition, living stipend, health insurance and fees). Admitted master’s students (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents) are automatically considered for this award based on the information in their official admission applications.

Additional University Funding Opportunities

In addition to Michigan Engineering departments and programs, explore these resources.

Students are also encouraged to consider funding resources internal to the University listed on the UM Library website such as:

  • Center for the Education of Women (CEW) works to break down barriers and increase access through funding. Open to all U-M students, staff, faculty, and surrounding community, they offer opportunities for scholarships, emergency grants, sponsorship’s, fellowships, and more for a range of situations and life circumstances.
  • Dow Sustainability Fellows Program provides a range of awards for graduate students and post-docs committed to working on sustainable solutions to national and international challenges.
  • Ginsberg Center provides grants, scholarships, and paid internships administered by the Ginsberg Center, in support of service-learning and civic engagement projects and programs. Offered to students and student groups.
  • Rackham Graduate School administers various funding opportunities for graduate students.
  • Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) provides guidance and funding resources for students with disabilities.
  • Students with Children
  • Veterans and Military Services provides guidance and scholarships for veterans and those in military service.


External Funding Opportunities

The following are external, non-University scholarship opportunities that may be of interest to University/College students.  Inclusion of an external scholarship opportunity is intended only as a resource for students, and does not express or imply any University involvement with, or endorsement of, the external program.

An * indicates that a fellowship may be open to international students.