Sidney J. and Irene Shipman Scholarship

The schools and colleges at the University of Michigan invite a total of 40-45 students each year to campus for consideration for the Shipman Scholarship. The visits take place during a weekend in March. Students do not submit an application, but rather are considered by each school, or college, at the university through their admissions application.  Academic achievement, exceptional talent in the arts and sciences, leadership abilities, and academic potential will be considered in the nomination process.

Students that receive the full Shipman Scholarship, and are Michigan residents, are awarded $20,000/year, for four years, or completion of their undergraduate degree program; whichever comes first.  Students that are out of state students and receive the full Shipman Scholarship are awarded $30,000/year. 

Students that are invited to campus as Shipman nominees, but are not selected for the full Shipman Scholarship, would receive a Shipman Scholarship award of $15,000/year as in-state students or $25,000/year as out of state students.

Students that receive either of the two awards and choose to attend Michigan are considered to be members of the Shipman Society.

A group interview is part of the Shipman Scholarship weekend.  Once the weekend is completed, the Shipman Scholarship committee selects the recipients of the full Shipman Scholarship.

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