Master’s Students

College of Engineering Funding for Master’s Students

Check with your department or program to learn more about any fellowships, GSI positions or GSRA positions open to master’s students. The College of Engineering has a limited number of fellowships for the Bridge to Doctorate Program which provides two terms of funding for the first academic year (i.e. tuition, living stipend, health insurance and fees). Admitted master’s students (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents) are automatically considered for this award based on the information in their official admission applications.

Additional University Funding Opportunities

In addition to Michigan Engineering departments and programs, explore these resources.

Students are also encouraged to consider funding resources internal to the University listed on the U-M Library website such as:

External Funding Opportunities

The following is an alphabetical list that has been curated to reflect external funding opportunities for engineering master’s students. 

An * indicates that a fellowship may be open to international students.