The Class of 1931E Scholarships

The extended family of the Class of 1931E includes almost 100 University of Michigan graduates and current students who have received the Class of ’31E Scholarship.

Scholars are selected by the ’31E Scholarship Committee. The Committee consists of family members of 1931E Classmates, Alumni Scholars, and University representatives. The Class of 1931E Scholarships are awarded based on academic record, community service, school activities, and employment experience. Relatives and descendants of 1931E class members will be given priority.



About the Scholarships

The number and amount of Scholarships awarded in a year depends upon the amount of interest generated by the endowment fund.  Awards are determined annually by the committee. In the 2017–2018 academic year, the award for in-state students was $11,000 and for out-of-state students $20,000. Scholarships are awarded annually, and are renewable for up to four years as long as the Scholar continues to be eligible. Since the Program’s inception, 192 scholars have received $3.5 million in scholarship funding. Currently, the fund supports 21 Scholars.

Requirements for Initial Eligibility

  • Freshman in the College of Engineering
  • Maximum of 25 credits earned at the University
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above
  • Must be U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

Application and Selection Process

The application period for the 2018-2019 academic year, is now closed. Please revisit this site closer to January 2019 to apply for the 2019-20 academic year.

Eligible students should complete an application form.  All applications are due by January 24th, 2018, by 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

All applications are reviewed by the ’31E Scholarship Committee, which then selects candidates for interviewing. Selected candidates are interviewed by the Committee on campus (usually mid to late March). Candidates will be notified over the summer of the Committee’s final decision (usually June). Please see the application form for complete requirements regarding initial eligibility and scholarship renewal.

Requirements for Scholarship Renewal

Scholars must continue to carry a full time academic load of at least 12 credits per term as undergrads; (6 credits for half-length spring or summer terms).  Scholars that are continuing on for their Master’s degree must be enrolled for a minimum of 8 credit hours for full time status; (4 credits for half-length spring or summer terms).  

Scholars must maintain an minimum GPA of 3.25 each semester.  

If a Scholar falls below the 3.25 GPA requirements and there are extenuating circumstances, the Scholar may request a waiver through the Engineering Financial Aid Officer in the Engineering Scholarship Office.  The Scholarship Committee will determine whether to waive the criteria.

Awards will be given for a maximum of 4 years.

Scholar Recognition Program

The Paul S. and Grace L. Bigby Dinner for 31E Scholars is held each Fall on Homecoming Weekend. The dinner grew out of the annual 31E Class Reunion and is a chance for current Scholars and guests, their parents, former Scholars, 31E Classmates’ families, Committee members and  School of Engineering Staff and Faculty to spend time together remembering the class members, learning about the current scholars and making life-long connections.

Each Spring the Louise G. Johnson Reception is held in March. The reception is a chance for the Scholars to network with each other, the 31E Committee and University Officials. Seniors are honored and stoles are presented for graduation.

Kurt Verhoff, grandson of 31E Class member Steele Bailey, designed a lapel pin for the 31E Scholarships. The pin is given to each scholar in recognition of their selection as a scholar. The design of the pin has also become the symbol of the Scholarship program. The design can be seen at the top of this page.

Tim Jacobs, an Alumni Scholar and former committee member suggested that the Scholars should also be recognized at graduation for the hard work in securing and maintaining the academic standard needed for a 31E scholarship. A stole was created and is given to each graduating scholar.

Connect with the 31E Family

Please introduce yourself to the 31E Family! If you are:

  • A relative of a Class of 1931E member, please email us!
  • An Alumni Scholar of the Class of ’31E Scholarship, please tell us what you’ve been up to!
  • A first-year engineering student, or an incoming college student, please review Applying for the Scholarship for more information on how you can become a Class of ’31E scholarship recipient.

Questions for the Class of ’31E Scholarship Committee can be sent to Ann McFarren.

The 2016 -2017 31E Scholarship Committee

Ann McFarren, Chair

George Anderson

Karl Anderson

Nancy Furniss Azzam

Dan Bartz

Sandy Schofield Bartz

Assoc. Professor Luis P. Bernal

G. Christopher Braidwood

William Breiholz

Elizabeth L. Beezer Thompson-Gabroy

Jennifer Horton

Victoria Ikeda

Kim Larmee

Stan Larmee

Kristen Neubauer

Ashley Pollock

Karen Dybvig Schaefer

Adrianne Einfeldt Slaymaker

Professor Fred Terry

Kurt Verhoff

Wy-Lea Verhoff

Steve Vielvetti

Janine Johnson Weins

Jeanne Whalen

Associate Professor Mina Rais-Zadeh