The Wang Chu Chien-Wen Summer Research Fund Awards

Created to encourage motivated undergraduates to conduct faculty-mentored research projects during the summer.

About the fund

Vivian and Tony Wang
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Wang Chu Chien-Wen

The Wang Chu Chien-Wen Summer Research Fund was established in 2005 by Tony K. Wang (BSE ’73, MSE ’75) in memory of his mother, Wang Chu Chien-Wen. Although Mrs. Wang never received a college education, she taught her only son, Tony, the values of education, caring, and giving.

The Fund was created with these values in mind: to encourage motivated undergraduates to conduct faculty-mentored research projects during the summer, to write a formal report on their findings, and to present their work to their faculty advisor and peers.



Research fund recipients since its inception

Year Recipient Advisor(s) Research Performed Reports Presentations Current Status
2015 Chhavi Chaudhry Amy Cohn Analysis of factors influencing taxi times in aviation and waiting times in chemotherapy delivery within a complex health system. report     ECE Student
2014 Andrew Hartman Shuichi Takayama

An In Vitro Model for a Cell Monolayer using a Microfluidic Device

report     MSE Student
2014 Jing Ji Necmiye Ozay Synthesis of Reactive Controllers for
Vehicular Electric Networks via SMT
 report     ECE Student
2014 Paul Myers David Blaauw Design of Robust, Low-Power CMOS Circuits for Millimeter-Scale Sensor Nodes report     ECE Student
2014 Ji Wang Amy Cohn Aviation-Meteorology Statistical Analysis and
Pediatric Residency Scheduling
report     IOE Student
2014  Chris Yu  Joerg Lahann, Sahar Rahmani  Fabrication and Fluid Dynamic Properties of Polymeric Particles with Varying Physical Properties  report     MSE Student
2014 Rui Zhang Honglak Lee, Kihyuk Sohn Unsupervised Dictionary Learning for
Large-Scale Natural Image Classication
report     ECE Student
2013 Kaherine Graham Ryan Orizondo, MSE, Keith Cook, PhD, John Younger, MD Bactericidal Effects of Antibacterial Perfluorocarbon Ventilation  report  slides   CHE Student
2013 Vera Mann Hey Lo Amy Cohn Building an infrastructure for investigating the effects of weather conditions on flight delays report slides video IOE Student
2013 Vittorio Bichucher Professor Ryan Eustice and Ph.D Jeff Walls Efficient Online Beacon Surveying report slides video NAME Student
2013 Tae-Hyung Kang   Achieve faster response time of the osmotic valve
by having faster osmotic flow rate; improve reliability of device fabrication
report slides video ECE Student
2013 Yanran Yang Professor Zhengya Zhang
Coding of information for reliable and low power communications
report slides video ECE Student
2012 Ning He Prof Xiaoxia Nina Lin, Alissa Kerner construct isobutanol production auxotroph strains, build up part of the lignocellulosic biofuel production microbial consortia report slides video CHE Student
2012 Pengrui Wang Prof Michael Thouless determine the spacing of defects on nanochannel molds report     MSE Student
2012 Han Yu Prof Wei Lu, Seungjun Lee more efficiently diagnose blood-infected diseases by using a device that scans either the fingernail or the eye for distinctive signatures of parasite-infected red blood cells report slides video ECE Student
2012 Lisa Liang Prof Shuichi Takayama, Byoung Choul Kim, Toshiki Matsuoka in vitro model for Spinal Cord Injury using a size-adjustable nanochannel device report slides video BME Student
2011 Shiming Song Prof David Blaauw, Yen-Po Chen Design of a Low-Current Voltage Dividers report slides   EE Student
2011 Steve Hwang Prof Ellen Arruda Mechanical Characterization of Human Prostate report slides video ME student
2011 Jialin Li Prof Valeria Bertacco XPV: Cross Phase Verification report     CSE Student
2010 Qi Wu Prof Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos, Alex Dacosta Evaluation of the Efficiency of Shear Studs for Punching Shear Resistance of Slab-Column Connections report     Grad student @ Stanford 
2009 Yifan Yang Gong Prof Thomas Wenisch Construction of an embedded Linux Operating System based on the AVR32 Micro-processor, and design of the overall Controlling System for Cube-Sat report slides   HW Engineer @ Oracle
2008 Mit Dushyant Shah   CRI Modeling of blue LED with laser fluorescent dyes       Systems Engineering Grad Student @ U-Penn
2007 Tao Sun   quantitative characterization of InAs quantum dots (QDs) on GaAs surfaces by using computer analysis methods       Sr. Business Analyst @ Capital OneApplying for the Wang Chu Chien-Wen Award


Applying for the Wang Chu Chien-Wen Award

This fund is for international and domestic students of Sophomore or Junior standing, or Seniors who are graduating no earlier than April 2019. Domestic students must show financial need (as determined via the FAFSA application and U-M’s Office of Financial Aid).

Recipients will be responsible for:

  1. Selecting a faculty advisor, who will:
    • Be based in each recipient’s particular area of Engineering interest
    • Work with and provide research supervision to the recipient during the research period (Spring/Summer),
  2. Submitting a final written report to their faculty advisor and Mr. Wang
  3. Giving an oral presentation to their faculty advisor and to the other award recipients in a group setting sometime in late September.

Apply for the Wang Chu Chien-Wen Summer Research Fund