’31E Scholar Society

1931E Scholars at the ’18 Banquet Dinner


’31E Student Society Executive Board (2019-2020)

President – Joe Taylor

Vice President – Lindsey Furness

Treasurer – Allison Wilcox


Recent Get-Togethers

Among a variety of things, the scholars of ’31E enjoy…

…summer picnics in the beautiful outdoors…

…cider mills…

…and simply hanging out together!!


’31E Class of 2019

A’donis Johnson

My hometown, where I was born and raised, is Columbus, Ohio (I’m not a Buckeye). I was the 8th fastest 800 runner in the state of Ohio when I ran for Westerville Central. I am a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Physics. I am on the Formula SAE student project team and help in the powertrain and engine tuning department. I have always had a passion for cars. My life long goal is to increase the efficiency of the internal combustion engine to the point where gas prices are no longer of any concern. Other clubs I am a part of include NSBE(National Society of Black Engineers) and MSTEM. I am part of the MSTEM M8 cohort. For fun, I play intramural flag football and am a dedicated runner. I interned this summer at Alcoa Inc. as a Continuous Improvement Intern in Barberton and Cleveland, Ohio. Something I really take pride in is seeing hard work pay off in the end, the rewarding feeling for succeeding at something you worked so hard for is unmatched. In my free time, I love running, working out, and playing sports (including attending UM sporting events).


Jocelyn Marchyok


Jocelyn is a sophomore from Dearborn Heights, Michigan studying Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Sustainable Engineering. She is part of the Linic research lab on campus where she develops experimental techniques to synthesize metal nanoparticles. This past summer, she volunteered in Malawi, Africa for 2 months teaching and tutoring disadvantaged students. After coming back to campus, she joined a student organization, Phalombe Initiative for Education, which encourages participation in the volunteer trip she went on as well as raises funds to support the students in Malawi that she interacted with. She also is the secretary of Food Industry Student Association which aims to expose Chemical Engineering students to the food industry aspect of their major. In her free time, Jocelyn enjoys traveling, kayaking, hiking, and relaxing with her friends and family!

Grayson Rice

Grayson is a sophomore from Greensboro, North Carolina studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Biochemistry. This past summer, he participated in research at UC San Diego to develop a device that can wirelessly transfer skin temperature of amputee patients to physicians. Grayson currently does research for the Biointerfaces Institute, where he works on electrospinning for manufacturing tissue scaffolds. He plans on continuing this research this summer.  He currently plans on pursuing a PhD in biomedical engineering with a focus on tissue engineering or drug delivery. On campus, he is involved in NSBE, Tau Beta Pi, the Epeians, and Beta Mu Epsilon. In his free time, Grayson enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and playing piano

Mario Russo

Mario is a sophomore from Shelby Township, Michigan pursuing a biomedical engineering degree, with a focus on biomechanics. On campus, he currently conducts research that analyzes the chemical pathways in the human body that lead to aortic aneurysms and studies their relationships to genetic diseases. With a passion for helping others, he volunteers in hospitals and spends time shadowing many types of surgeons. This past summer, he was excited to be shadowing surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic. Mario plans to master in biomechanics before attending medical school, with the hope to one day be a cardiothoracic surgeon that pushes to advance the world’s surgical devices and techniques. In his free time, Mario enjoys trail running, playing tennis, listening to music, and working out.


Garrett Zuck

Garrett is a sophomore from Munster, Indiana majoring in Aerospace Engineering and pursuing the International Minor for Engineers as well a minor in Computer Science. Garrett is excited to begin research this year as a part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, otherwise known as UROP. Sharing his passion for aerospace topics as well as engineering in general, Garrett works as an instructor for DAPCEP, the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program, which aims to provide educational programming in STEM fields to historically underrepresented Detroit area students. He is also on the planning committee for Tech Day, which is an annual event for prospective engineering students to experience Michigan Engineering. In the fall, Garrett enjoys marching on the drumline of the Michigan Marching Band; during the winter and spring, he plays in the Hockey Band. Garrett would be remiss to not mention that he is incredibly thankful to the the Class of 1931E and their unrelenting support.


’31E Class of 2020

Joey Costello

Joey is a sophomore from Ann Arbor, Michigan majoring in Electrical Engineering. With a passion for medical research, he conducts research in the Center for Translational Neuroengineering and Neuroscience at the UM Hospital. He works on improving Deep Brain Stimulation surgery through computational modeling. Joey also volunteers weekly in the Cancer Center where he helps patients with iPads and laptops. On campus, Joey is a member of the electronics sub-team of M-HEAL Project Clear Lung. The team is developing a low-cost device for diagnosing pneumonia in developing countries and hopes to travel abroad with a prototype within the next year. In his free time Joey practices with the Michigan Triathlon Club. Last spring he qualified for and competed in the Collegiate National Championships in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is the team Race Director and organized a local triathlon this past summer. Joey also enjoys reading, app programming, and having fun with family and friends.

Erin Deutschman

Erin is a junior from Dearborn, Michigan studying Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Costume Design.   On campus, she is the treasurer of Unversity Lutheran Chapel’s student group, the GradSWE Liasion for the University of Michigan’s Society of Women Engineers, and volunteer crew member for MUSKET musical theater.  She was a member of a Professor Shtein’s Dynamic Kirigami Solar Cell team.  She has worked on the server as well as helping design the housing for the new technology and help create a marketable product.  She is now involved with SWE’s Team Tech, working on the electronic/controls subteam to help design a proof of concept to greatly decrease the sound emissions for drone flight.  In her free time, she enjoys sewing, reading comics, going on walks, and listening to her favorite musicals/podcasts.

Taylor Feddersen

Taylor Feddersen is a sophomore from Champaign, Illinois majoring in Computer Science and pursuing the International Minor for Engineers. Continuing her love for the “human side” of engineering, she studied Engineering Design in San Sebastián, Spain this summer. On campus Taylor is an instructional aide for Engineering 100 – Gaming for the Greater Good – where students develop video games to help children with autism. Taylor is Member Outreach Co-Chair for U of M’s Society of Women Engineers, and she tutors high school students in physics, math, Spanish, and computer science. She studied classical ballet for 16 years and is continuing her lifelong passion by performing as a Principal Dancer with the Ann Arbor Ballet Theatre in The Nutcracker. She has taught ballet classes in both Champaign, IL and in Manila, Philippines, and has danced in over 85 ballet performances.

Ambria Hopfe

Ambria Hopfe is a Chemical Engineering major with an interest in the food industry. She hopes to someday bring safer and more sustainable food manufacturing practices to mainstream food companies. Ambria is currently the co-chair for Project Development for the Food Industry Student Association (FISA), where she works to connect the organization with opportunities at local food companies to optimize their processing practices. Over the summer, she worked with a project team in collaboration with Ann Arbor Distilling Company to develop a formulation for a blue gin celebrating the bicentennial year of the University of Michigan. Also an avid baseball fan, Ambria is the Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan Sabermetrics Club (M-SABR), focused on creating and publishing quality content about baseball statistics and trends on the organization’s website. She has also worked as an umpire for local youth baseball leagues in the summers for 8 years, teaching young players the ideals of good sportsmanship and integrity. Last year, Ambria was a student researcher in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and was a member of the Women in Science and Engineering Residential Program (WISE RP). In her free time, she loves to play the cello, make balloon art, and toss a baseball around with her family.

Michael Klettner

Michael is a sophomore from Traverse City, Michigan, and is pursuing a degree in computer science engineering. His past summer was spent interning at ATLAS Space Operations, where he helped the company track satellites to meet customers’ needs. On campus, he is heavily involved in both the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club as well as the Catholic Campus Ministry Leadership Team at St. Mary’s Church. Last spring break, through St. Mary’s, he spent time in Flint, Michigan, where he tutored underprivileged elementary students in both mathematics and programming. Michael is passionate about improving the safety and lives of those around the world through technology and innovation. In the future, he plans to obtain his
Master’s Degree and work in a field related to cybersecurity and cryptography. In his free time, Michael can be found playing ping-pong, watching TV shows, and listening to music. 

 Joseph Taylor

Joe is a junior pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Raised in rural Nebraska, he came to the University of Michigan to seek exposure in industry—particularly automotive and manufacturing. Joe stays pretty busy most weeks between UM’s Supermileage team, Net Impact, and working as a media assistant in the School of Education. He’s found a lot of joy with his role as Vice President and service chair of Triangle Fraternity, where he helped coordinate volunteering events and philanthropy fundraisers. This past summer he was fortunate enough to get his research feet wet, collaborating with the South Africa National Space Agency on ionospheric research (link). Joe wants to express his sincere gratitude to the Class of ’31E for all their support and generosity and loves the relationships he’s build in this community.

’31E Class of 2021

George Adamson

George is a sophomore from Newport Beach, CA studying Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Meteorology. He aims to work in the aerospace defense world after graduating. After spending time learning about sustainability in South Africa, George hopes to one day bring sustainable ideas to aircraft and spacecraft design. On campus, he is a member of the M-Fly Design Team and Quiz Bowl Team. He has also gotten involved with 3D printing at the Duderstadt Center. His favorite part of engineering is watching an idea transform from a computer model to a functioning device. In his free time, George loves working on personal projects with his most recent being the construction of a Raspberry Pi flight tracking receiver for the website FlightAware. He also enjoys reading, flight simulation, and running.

Lindsey Furness

Lindsey Furness is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Michigan majoring in Biomedical Engineering. This past summer she worked at the Van Andel Research Institute in Grand Rapids, developing an automated method to create protein models in order to facilitate the subtyping and detection of pancreatic cancer tumors. She also traveled to Honduras on a week-long mission trip where she helped run a Bible and English program for young children in two remote villages. Lindsey is the Pathways Program Director for Wolverine Tutors on campus, an organization that tutors at-risk middle school and high school students at local schools around Ann Arbor as well as offering online tutoring to various schools across the country. With a passion for helping and impacting the lives of people around her, Lindsey also aspires to go to medical school and become a physician one day. Lindsey also loves to be on stage and is an avid performer whether it be flute, keyboard, vocals, or theatre. She was privileged to join the cast of In the Heights with MUSKET last semester, and hopes to continue performing in some capacity for the remainder of her time at Michigan.

Michelle Gehner

Michelle is a sophomore from Morton, Illinois majoring in Electrical Engineering. In the future, she hopes to use her passion for space exploration by designing electronics and power systems to increase human presence in space. She is the current electrical lead for MRover, a design team that builds a competitive Mars Rover every year. Over the summer, Michelle worked as a research intern to improve the efficiency of power electronics by accurately analyzing inductor quality factors while also teaching high school girls how to program in Python. She loves impacting the next generation of engineers and organizes outreach opportunities as the Middle School Outreach Officer in U-M’s Society of Women Engineers. Outside of engineering, Michelle continues her involvement in music as a member of the horn section in the Michigan Marching Band and traveled with the team to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida. In her free time, she loves drawing/sketching, eating spicy food, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Connor Inglis

Connor is a sophomore from Carmel, Indiana majoring in Computer Science. He grew up playing soccer, winning four state championships and competing in the Sweet Sixteen nationally. After a career ending injury, Connor now uses coding to continue his passion for sports. He is the Head of Meetings and Projects for the Michigan Sports Analytics Society (MSAS), where he is currently studying the correlation between athlete earnings and disciplinary measures in their respective sports. Over the summer, Connor interned at Clinical Architecture, a software company focused on solutions for electronic medical record issues in hospitals. When he wasn’t working, he could be found behind the boat, in ‘Tilted Towers’ or playing disc golf with his friends. After being surprised that there was not already a disc golf course on campus, he decided to make a change. He is in the process (working with Rec Sports and a member of the National Disc Golf Association) of getting his disc golf course design approved and built on campus by the University. While in school, he can usually be found on one of his six intramural teams or in the library.

Jacob Mackey

Jacob Mackey is a sophomore from Commerce, Michigan studying Aerospace Engineering with a focus in spacecraft design and propulsion. He is also pursuing a dual major in Business Administration through the Ross School of Business. On campus, he is a Business Analyst as well as the Social Chair for APEX Consulting Group, where he spent his first semester working on a project to help expand the scope of a Detroit automotive startup. As well, he is Vice President of Fellowship of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity. Jacob combined his love for hands-on engineering and cars by working as an automotive mechanic, detailing and performing maintenance on vintage and modern cars. He is extremely passionate about sailing, racing competitively at Detroit Country Day School for four years and spending summers racing and eventually coaching sailors at Pontiac Yacht Club. In his free time, he loves to sail, go hammocking and biking, play the guitar, and trade stocks.

Benjamin Manley

Benjamin Manley is a sophomore from Miami, FL studying Computer Science Engineering. Over the last year, he worked on Michigan Hyperloop, one of 20 teams internationally to qualify for the 2018 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. On the team, he developed software for sensor data acquisition, telemetry algorithms, and computer communication and worked with sensor and electronics hardware. Benjamin is also an active member of the M-agination Films production club, acting as a Production Assistant and Sound Recordist on numerous films, and works as a Graphic Designer for The Every Three Weekly, UofM’s satirical newspaper. On the side, he enjoys playing the piano, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family. He just completed a study abroad program at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Gabriella Rodriguez

Gabriella Rodriguez is a sophomore from Rochester Hills, Michigan studying Electrical Engineering. Freshman year she was a part of the Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program (WISE RP) and the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). For the past year Gabriella has been working in Professor Shanna Daly’s lab, under the supervision of Jin Woo Lee, doing engineering education research. The first project she has worked on in this lab was observing the effects of the Center for Socially Engaged Design (CSED) learning blocks on the product design behaviors of mechanical engineering students. Her next project is observing how entrepreneurs who have developed innovative technologies apply their technology to real-world problems. She feels that her research has taught her many ideation, design, and engineering problem-solving strategies.  In the future, Gabriella plans to pursue a Master’s degree related to Biomedical Engineering in order to develop medical products. Gabriella enjoys biking, puzzles, and team activities but she finds true entertainment in disassembling and reassembling technology.


Allison Wilcox

Allison is a sophomore from Allentown, Pennsylvania pursuing a biomedical engineering degree with a biomechanical concentration and a minor in German. She is passionate about designing affordable orthopedic devices and worked on the mechanical subcommittee for Michigan Neuroprosthetics design team to create a low-cost prosthetic hand for growing children. Allison serves as the Membership Officer for UM’s Society of Women Engineers as well as the FIRST Lego League Coordinator for the FIRST Alumni & Mentors Network at Michigan (FAMNM). She loves working with kids and enjoys doing STEM outreach events with her clubs. Over the summer she interned with Aesculap Implant Systems designing and testing orthopedic implants and instrumentation for spine surgery. In her spare time, Allison enjoys reading, hiking, and cheering on Michigan athletics.